Roof plane segmentation by combining multiple images and point clouds

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Rottensteiner, Franz: Roof plane segmentation by combining multiple images and point clouds. In: International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences: [PCV 2010 - Photogrammetric Computer Vision And Image Analysis, Pt I] 38 (2010), Nr. Part 3A, S. 245-250. DOI:

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A new method for roof plane detection using multiple aerial images and a point cloud is presented. It takes advantage of the fact that segmentation results for different views look different even if the same parameters are used for the original segmentation algorithm. The point cloud can be generated by image matching or by airborne laserscanning. Plane detection starts by a segmentation that is applied to each of the images. The point cloud is used to determine which image segments correspond to planes. The best plane according to a criterion is selected and matched with segments in the other images. Matching of segments requires a DSM generated from the point cloud, and it takes into account the occlusions in each image. This procedure is repeated until no more planes can be found. After that, planar segments are extracted based on region growing in the point cloud in areas of severe under-segmentation, and the multiple-image segmentation procedure is repeated. Finally, neighbouring regions found to be co-planar are merged. First results are presented for test site with up to nine-fold overlap. Our tests show that the method can deliver a good separation of roof planes under difficult circumstances, though the level of detail that can be achieved is limited by the resolution of the point cloud.
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Issue Date: 2010
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