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  • Moraia, Lindaa Briceno; Kaye, Jane; Tasse, Anne Marie; Knoppers, Bartha M.; Mitchell, Colin; Soini, Sirpa; Hoppe, Nils; Wallace, Susan E.; Øien, Morten (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2014)
    To understand the causes of disease and improve diagnosis and treatment regimes, biomedical researchers need access to large numbers of well-characterized data and samples. Over the past decade, biobanks have been established ...
  • Bell, Jessica; Ancillotti, Mirko; Coathup, Victoria; Coy, Sarah; Rigter, Tessel; Tatum, Travis; Grewal, Jasjote; Akcesme, Faruk Berat; Brkić, Jovana; Causevic-Ramosevac, Anida; Milovanovic, Goran; Nobile, Marianna; Pavlidis, Cristiana; Finlay, Teresa; Kaye, Jane (London : BioMed Central Ltd., 2016)
    Background: Over the past 25 years, there has been growing recognition of the importance of studying the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) of genetic and genomic research. A large investment into ELSI research ...
  • Kaye, Jane; Hurles, Matthew; Griffin, Heather; Grewal, Jasjote; Bobrow, Martin; Timpson, Nic; Smee, Carol; Bolton, Patrick; Durbin, Richard; Dyke, Stephanie; Fitzpatrick, David; Kennedy, Karen; Kent, Alastair; Muddyman, Dawn; Muntoni, Francesco; Raymond, Lucy F.; Semple, Robert; Spector, Tim (London : Nature Publishing Group, 2014)
    Recent advances in sequencing technology allow data on the human genome to be generated more quickly and in greater detail than ever before. Such detail includes findings that may be of significance to the health of the ...

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