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  • Schmitz, Gerd; Bock, Otmar; Grigorova, Valentina; Ilieva, Milena (Heidelberg : Springer, 2010)
    Previous work has documented that the direction of eye and hand movements can be adaptively modified using the double-step paradigm. Here we report that both motor systems adapt not only to small direction steps (5A degrees ...
  • Schmitz, Gerd; Bock, Otmar (San Francisco : Public Library of Science, 2014-09-25)
    We compared sensorimotor adaptation in the visual and the auditory modality. Subjects pointed to visual targets while receiving direct spatial information about fingertip position in the visual modality, or they pointed ...
  • Bock, Otmar; Schmitz, Gerd (Delaware : Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2013)
    A recent model (Bock, 2013) predicts that sensorimotor adaptation, achieved while pointing at visual targets, will transfer fully to acoustic targets. The model further predicts that visual-to-acoustic transfer is not ...

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