Luminescence Dating of Fluvial Deposits from the Weser Valley, Germany

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dc.identifier.uri Roskosch, Julia Tsukamoto, Sumiko Frechen, Manfred 2016-11-30T08:58:11Z 2016-11-30T08:58:11Z 2015
dc.identifier.citation Roskosch, J.; Tsukamoto, S.; Frechen, M.: Luminescence Dating of Fluvial Deposits from the Weser Valley, Germany. In: Geochronometria 42 (2015), Nr. 1, S. 126-138. DOI:
dc.description.abstract Luminescence dating was applied on coarse-grained monomineralic potassium-rich feld-spar and polymineralic fine-grained minerals of five samples derived from fluvial deposits of the Riv-er Weser in northwestern Germany. We used a pulsed infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) single aliquot regenerative (SAR) dose protocol with an IR stimulation at 50°C for 400 s (50 μs on-time and 200 μs off-time). In order to obtain a stable luminescence signal, only off-time IRSL signal was rec-orded. Performance tests gave solid results. Anomalous fading was intended to be reduced by using the pulsed IRSL signal measured at 50°C (IR50), but fading correction was in most cases necessary due to moderate fading rates. Fading uncorrected and corrected pulsed IR50 ages revealed two major fluvial aggradation phases during the Late Pleistocene, namely during marine isotope stage (MIS) 5d (100 ± 5 ka) and from late MIS 5b to MIS 4 (77 ± 6 ka to 68 ± 5 ka). The obtained luminescence ages are consistent with previous 230Th/U dating results from underlying interglacial deposits of the same pit, which are correlated with MIS 7c to early MIS 6. eng
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Berlin : Walter de Gruyter GmbH
dc.relation.ispartof Geochronometria 42 (2015), Nr. 1
dc.relation.ispartofseries Geochronometria
dc.rights CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Unported
dc.subject fluvial deposits eng
dc.subject independent age control eng
dc.subject Late Pleistocene eng
dc.subject northern Germany eng
dc.subject pulsed infrared stimulated luminescence eng
dc.subject Weser valley eng
dc.subject.ddc 500 | Naturwissenschaften ger
dc.subject.ddc 550 | Geowissenschaften ger
dc.title Luminescence Dating of Fluvial Deposits from the Weser Valley, Germany
dc.type article
dc.type Text
dc.relation.issn 1733-8387
dc.relation.doi 10.1515/geochr-2015-0015
dc.bibliographicCitation.issue 1
dc.bibliographicCitation.volume 42
dc.bibliographicCitation.firstPage 126
dc.bibliographicCitation.lastPage 138
dc.description.version publishedVersion
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