Synthesis of visible light driven TiO2 coated carbon nanospheres for degradation of dyes

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dc.identifier.uri Raza, Waseem Haque, M.M. Muneer, M. Bahnemann, Detlef W. 2016-11-30T08:58:09Z 2016-11-30T08:58:09Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Raza, W.; Haque, M.M.; Muneer, M.; Bahnemann, D.: Synthesis of visible light driven TiO2 coated carbon nanospheres for degradation of dyes. In: Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2016), DOI: 10.1016/j.arabjc.2015.09.002
dc.description.abstract Herein, we report the successful synthesis of visible light driven metal doped TiO2 coated carbon nanospheres (CNS) via a facile hydrothermal approach. The synthesized materials were characterized by standard analytical techniques, such as XRD, SEM-EDS-mapping, TEM, FTIR, PL, Raman and UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy. The effect of dopants on the band gap energy, crystallite size and photocatalytic properties of the TiO2 coated CNS was investigated systematically. The incorporation of dopants in TiO2 matrix found to significantly extend the absorption edge toward visible region and efficient separation of charge carriers on excitation. The photodegradation of two different organic dyes were investigated to evaluate the activity of the photocatalyst under different conditions such as dopant percentage, catalyst dose, different quenchers and calcination temperature. The best photocatalytic activity was observed with 3.0% Ce, doped TiO2 coated CNS with 1.5gL-1 concentration calcined at 400°C. We also performed the antibacterial activity of pure and doped-TiO2 coated CNS against pathogenic gram negative and gram positive bacteria. The doped-TiO2 coated CNS exhibited excellent antibacterial activity against both bacteria. eng
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dc.publisher Amsterdam : Elsevier
dc.relation.ispartof Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2016)
dc.relation.ispartofseries Arabian Journal of Chemistry
dc.rights CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
dc.subject CNS coated TiO2 eng
dc.subject Dye degradation eng
dc.subject Metal doped TiO2 eng
dc.subject Photocatalysis eng
dc.subject Absorption spectroscopy eng
dc.subject Bacteria eng
dc.subject Calcination eng
dc.subject Crystallite size eng
dc.subject Doping (additives) eng
dc.subject Energy gap eng
dc.subject Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy eng
dc.subject Hydrothermal synthesis eng
dc.subject Light eng
dc.subject Photocatalysis eng
dc.subject Photocatalysts eng
dc.subject Titanium dioxide eng
dc.subject Ultraviolet spectroscopy eng
dc.subject Anti-bacterial activity eng
dc.subject Calcination temperature eng
dc.subject Dye degradation eng
dc.subject Gram-positive bacterium eng
dc.subject Metal-doped eng
dc.subject Photocatalytic activities eng
dc.subject Photocatalytic property eng
dc.subject UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy eng
dc.subject Nanospheres eng
dc.subject.ddc 500 | Naturwissenschaften ger
dc.subject.ddc 540 | Chemie ger
dc.title Synthesis of visible light driven TiO2 coated carbon nanospheres for degradation of dyes
dc.type article
dc.type Text
dc.relation.issn 1878-5352
dc.relation.doi 10.1016/j.arabjc.2015.09.002
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