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  • Topashka-Ancheva, Margarita; Taskova, Rilka M.; Handjieva, Nedjalka; Mikhova, Bozhanka; Duddeck, Helmut (Berlin : De Gruyter, 2003)
    The clastogenic effect of total dichloromethane, methanol and water extracts, four bioactive fractions and three individual constituents from Carthamus lanatus aerial parts were evaluated in mice by bone marrow chromosome ...
  • Joachim, Bastian; Stechern, André; Ludwig, Thomas; Konzett, Jürgen; Pawley, Alison; Ruzié-Hamilton, Lorraine; Clay, Patricia L.; Burgess, Ray; Ballentine, Christopher J. (Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2017)
    Halogens show a range from moderate (F) to highly (Cl, Br, I) volatile and incompatible behavior, which makes them excellent tracers for volatile transport processes in the Earth’s mantle. Experimentally determined fluorine ...
  • Igel, J.; Günther, T.; Kuntzer, M. (Göttingen : Copernicus GmbH, 2013)
    Freshwater lenses, as important resource for drinking water, are sensitive to climate changes and sea level rise. To simulate this impact on the groundwater systems, hydraulic subsurface models have to be designed. Geophysical ...

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