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  • Hibrand Saint-Oyant, L.; Ruttink, T.; Hamama, L.; Kirov, I.; Lakhwani, D.; Zhou, N.N.; Bourke, P.M.; Daccord, N.; Leus, L.; Schulz, D.; van de Geest, H.; Hesselink, T.; van Laere, K.; Debray, K.; Balzergue, S.; Thouroude, T.; Chastellier, A.; Jeauffre, J.; Voisine, L.; Gaillard, S.; Borm, T.J.A.; Arens, P.; Voorrips, R.E.; Maliepaard, C.; Neu, E.; Linde, M.; Le Paslier, M.C.; Bérard, A.; Bounon, R.; Clotault, J.; Choisne, N.; Quesneville, H.; Kawamura, K.; Aubourg, S.; Sakr, S.; Smulders, M.J.M.; Schijlen, E.; Bucher, E.; Debener, T.; de Riek, J.; Foucher, F. (Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., 2018)
    Rose is the world’s most important ornamental plant, with economic, cultural and symbolic value. Roses are cultivated worldwide and sold as garden roses, cut flowers and potted plants. Roses are outbred and can have various ...

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