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  • Cejas, Inaudis; Rumlow, Annekathrin; Turcios, Ariel E.; Engelmann, Florent; Edel Martinez, Marcos; Yabor, Lourdes; Papenbrock, Jutta; Lorenzo, José Carlos (Delaware : Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2016)
    Many publications describe cryopreservation techniques but only a few studies have focused on the biochemical and physiological changes occurring in plants regenerated from seeds exposed to liquid nitrogen. This paper aims ...
  • Gómez, Daviel; Hernández, Lazaro; Valle, Barbara; Martínez, Julia; Cid, Mariela; Escalona, Maritza; Hernández, Martha; Yabor, Lourdes; Beemster, Gerrit T.S.; Tebbe, Christoph C.; Papenbrock, Jutta; Lorenzo, Jose Carlos (Göttingen : Druckerei und Verlag Liddy Halm, 2017)
    There is a great demand of salt-tolerant sugarcane planting material in Cuba. Temporary immersion bioreactors (TIB) are effective to significantly increase sugarcane in vitro shoot proliferation rate from 1:4 in conventional ...

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