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  • Chhantyal, Parva; Naskar, Suraj; Birr, Tobias; Fischer, Tim; Lübkemann, Franziska; Chichkov, Boris; Dorfs, Dirk; Bigall, Nadja C.; Reinhardt, Carsten (London : Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
    We address optical amplification properties of quantum nanoparticles of the cadmium selenide/cadmium sulfide (CdSe/CdS) material system with different dimensionality of spatial confinement. CdSe/CdS core/shell quantum dots ...
  • Kodanek, Torben; Freytag, Axel; Schlosser, Anja; Naskar, Suraj; Haertling, Thomas; Dorfs, Dirk; Bigall, Nadja Carola (Berlin : De Gruyter, 2018)
    Aerogels can bridge the nanoscopic to the macroscopic world. One physical phenomenon typically limited to the nanoscopic world is the occurrence of localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs), which are observed in ...
  • Kodanek, Torben; Banbela, Hadeel M.; Naskar, Suraj; Adel, Patrick; Bigall, Nadja C.; Dorfs, Dirk (Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-10-28)
    In this work, luminescent CdSe@CdS dot-in-rod nanocrystals, CdSe@CdS/ZnS nanorods as well as CdSe–CdS core–crown nanoplatelets were transferred into aqueous phase via ligand exchange reactions. For this purpose, bifunctional ...
  • Freytag, Axel; Günnemann, Carsten; Naskar, Suraj; Hamid, Saher; Lübkemann, Franziska; Bahnemann, Detlef W.; Bigall, Nadja C. (Washington D.C. : American Chemical Society, 2018)
    In this article, we demonstrate the fabrication of tailored multicomponent cryoaerogels from colloidal nanoparticles via the cryogelation method. With this method, it is possible to control the amount of components very ...

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