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  • Baringhaus, Jens; Stöhr, Alexander; Forti, Stiven; Starke, Ulrich; Tegenkamp, Christoph (London : Nature Publishing Group, 2015-04-21)
    The realization of ballistic graphene pn-junctions is an essential task in order to study Klein tunneling phenomena. Here we show that intercalation of Ge under the buffer layer of pre-structured SiC-samples succeeds to ...
  • Werkmeister, Astrid; Lockhoff, M.; Schrempf, Michael; Tohsing, Korntip; Liley, B.; Seckmeyer, Gunther (Göttingen : Copernicus, 2015-05-06)
    In this case study we compare cloud fractional cover measured by radiometers on polar satellites (AVHRR) and on one geostationary satellite (SEVIRI) to ground-based manual (SYNOP) and automated observations by a cloud ...
  • Langer, Thomas; Pfnür, Herbert; Tegenkamp, Christoph; Forti, Stiven; Emtsev, Konstantin; Starke, Ulrich (Bristol : IOP Publishing Ltd, 2012-10-29)
    We have investigated the plasmon dispersion in quasi-free-standing monolayer graphene (QFMLG) and epitaxial monolayer graphene (MLG) layers by means of angle resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy. We have shown that ...

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