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  • Khodadadian, Amirreza; Parvizi, Maryam; Abbaszadeh, Mostafa; Dehghan, Mehdi; Heitzinger, Clemens (Heidelberg : Springer Verlag, 2019)
    In this paper, we employ the multilevel Monte Carlo finite element method to solve the stochastic Cahn–Hilliard–Cook equation. The Ciarlet–Raviart mixed finite element method is applied to solve the fourth-order equation. ...
  • Arndt, Markus; Bassi, Angelo; Giulini, Domenico; Heidmann, Antoine; Raimond, Jean-Michel (Amsterdam : Elsevier BV, 2011)
    We discuss recent studies on the foundations of quantum physics with photonic, atomic, molecular and micromechanical systems as well as theoretical treatments of the interface between quantum physics and classical observations. ...
  • De Angelis, M.; Angonin, M.C.; Beaufils, Q.; Becker, C.; Bertoldi, A.; Bongs, Kai; Bourdel, T.; Bouyer, P.; Boyer, V.; Dörscher, S.; Duncker, H.; Ertmer, Wolfgang; Fernholz, T.; Fromhold, T.M.; Herr, Waldemar; Krüger, P.; Kürbis, C.; Mellor, C.J.; Pereira Dos Santos, F.; Peters, A.; Poli, N.; Popp, M.; Prevedelli, M.; Rasel, Ernst Maria; Rudolph, J.; Schreck, F.; Sengstock, K.; Sorrentino, F.; Stellmer, S.; Tino, G.M.; Valenzuela, T.; Wendrich, T.J.; Wicht, A.; Windpassinger, P.; Wolf, P. (Amsterdam : Elsevier BV, 2011)
    We present iSense, a recently initiated FET project aiming to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop a platform for portable quantum sensors based on cold atoms. A prototype of backpack-size ...

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