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  • Scholz, Dieter; Seresinhe, Ravinka; Staack, Ingo; Lawson, Craig (Aachen : Shaker, 2013)
    This paper looks at fuel consumption due to shaft power off-takes from the engine and the related increase in the aircraft’s fuel consumption. It presents a review and comparison of published and unpublished data on this ...
  • Grönman, Aki; Biester, Marc H.-O.; Turunen-Saaresti, Teemu; Jaatinen-Värri, Ahti; Backman, Jari; Seume, Jörg R. (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2016)
    More efficient and physically smaller axial turbine designs are promoted to lower emissions and increase revenue. The physical size and the weight of the axial turbine can be minimised by adjusting the distance between ...
  • Ahlefelder, Sebastian (Hamburg : Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO), Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, 2006)
    Zapfluft und Wellenleistung wird den Triebwerken entnommen, um die Energie für beispielsweise die Kraftstoffpumpen, das Inflight Entertainment oder die Flügelvorderkantenenteisung zu erzeugen. Diese Energiegenerierung, hat ...

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