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  • Campello, Eduardo Moraes Barreto; De Mattos Pimenta, Paulo; Wriggers, Peter (Ouro Preto : REM, 2007)
    The geometrically-exact finite-strain variable-thickness shell model of [1] is reviewed in this paper and extended to the case of metallic elastoplastic shells. Isotropic elasticity and von Mises yield criterion with ...
  • Clausmeyer, Till; van den Boogaard, Ton; Noman, Muhammad; Gershteyn, Grygoriy; Scharper, Mirko; Svendsen, Bob; Bargmann, Swantje (Heidelberg : Springer Verlag, 2011)
    This work focuses on the modeling of the evolution of anisotropy induced by the development of the dislocation microstructure. A model formulated at the engineering scale in the context of classical metal plasticity and a ...
  • Denkena, Berend; Breidenstein, Bernd (Kragujevac : University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2012)
    PVD-coatings for cutting tools mean a substantial progress for tool lifetime and cutting conditions. Such tools, however, hold the risk of cost intensive sudden process breaks as a result of cohesive damage. This damage ...
  • Gilge, Philipp; Kellersmann, Andreas; Friedrichs, Jens; Seume, Jörg R. (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2019)
    Deterioration of axial compressors is in general a major concern in aircraft engine maintenance. Among other effects, roughness in high-pressure compressor reduces the pressure rise and thus efficiency, thereby increasing ...
  • Müller, Thomas; Pösch, Andreas; Reithmeier, Eduard (Delaware : Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2016)
    High precision manufacturing, e.g. milling and grinding, which have manufacturing tolerances in the range of <10 μm require microscopic measurement techniques for the inspection of the manufactured components. These ...

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