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  • Behrens, Bernd-Arno; Klose, Christian; Chugreev, Alexander; Heimes, Norman; Thürer, Susanne Elisabeth; Uhe, Johanna (Basel : MDPI AG, 2018)
    The use of lightweight materials is one possibility to limit the weight of vehicles and to reduce CO2 emissions. However, the mechanical properties and weight-saving potential of mono-materials are limited. Material compounds ...
  • Behrens, Bernd-Arno; Bonk, Christian; Hübner, Sven; Uhe, Johanna; Klie, Roman; Moritz, Jörn (London : Elsevier Ltd., 2017)
    Due to the increasing demand for vehicles with a low fuel consumption and consequently low emissions, lightweight construction is an important task in the automotive industry. High-strength profile parts reduce the total ...
  • Thürer, Susanne Elisabeth; Uhe, Johanna; Golovko, Oleksandr; Bonk, Christian; Bouguecha, Anas; Behrens, Bernd-Arno; Klose, Christian (Pfaffikon : Scientific.Net, 2017)
    Within the scope of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1153 novel process chains for the production of hybrid solid components by Tailored Forming are developed at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. The combination of ...

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