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  • Ullmann, Berit; Reifenrath, Janin; Dziuba, Dina; Seitz, Jan-Marten; Bormann, Dirk; Meyer-Lindenberg, Andrea (Basel : MDPI AG, 2011)
    In former studies the magnesium alloy LAE442 showed promising in vivo degradation behavior and biocompatibility. However, reproducibility might be enhanced by replacement of the rare earth composition metal "E" by only a ...
  • Ullmann, Berit; Reifenrath, Janin; Seitz, Jan-Martin; Bormann, Dirk; Meyer-Lindenberg, Andrea (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2013)
    The aim of this study was to investigate the differences in the in vivo degradation behaviour of magnesium implants with various grain sizes and damaged surfaces. For this purpose, three different LAE442 magnesium implants ...

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