Research Offices As Vital Factors In The Implementation Of Research Data Management Strategies

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dc.identifier.uri Hauck, Reingis ger 2019-09-18T05:29:05Z 2019-09-18T05:29:05Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Hauck, Reingis: Research Offices As Vital Factors In The Implementation Of Research Data Management Strategies. Open Repositories Conference 2017, Brisbane, Zenodo (2017). DOI: ger
dc.description.abstract The presentation describes the vital role of staff in the research office in the implementation of the research data management strategy at a German university, Leibniz Universität Hannover, and resulting new roles and responsibilities.The university's research data management strategy includes the establishment of an institutional data repository as well as a comprehensive support structure ranging from guidance to in-depth consultancy throughout the data life cycle provided by a service unit composed of staff in the research office, the library and IT services. In order to achieve a cultural change in the researchers' behavior the main emphasis in the implementation strategy is placed on an early contact with researchers in the research project's life cycle. An early contact with researchers in the project planning phase gives the opportunity to engage in awareness building for data managing planning (and depositing data in the repository at the end of the project) with at the same time the provision of support. For this reason a new member was introduced in the research office to give comprehensive guidance and support in data managing planning during the grant application phase and the subsequent project lifetime. The key role of the research office in advocating research relevant policies, e.g. policies on best practices in training earl y career researchers as well as commercialization etc., should be taken into account for a better reach out. Further development of training and re-skilling of staff in research offices is needed which also takes into account relevant specific national characteristics.Not only libraries and IT services should embrace the research office as a partner in the successful implementation of an institutional research data management strategy, but also research managers should recognize their role and this new responsibility. ger
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dc.title Research Offices As Vital Factors In The Implementation Of Research Data Management Strategies ger
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dc.relation.doi 10.5281/zenodo.2845031
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