The Preference and Actual Use of Different Types of Rural Recreation Areas by Urban Dwellers – The Hamburg Case Study

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dc.identifier.uri Boll, Thiemen Haaren, Christina von Ruschkowski, Eick von 2015-08-10T14:05:24Z 2015-08-10T14:05:24Z 2014-10-14
dc.identifier.citation Boll, Thiemen; Haaren, Christina von; Ruschkowski, Eick von: The Preference and Actual Use of Different Types of Rural Recreation Areas by Urban Dwellers – The Hamburg Case Study. In: PLoS ONE 9 (2014), Nr. 10. DOI:
dc.description.abstract In the wake of urbanisation processes and the constitution of metropolitan regions, the role of the city's rural surroundings is receiving more attention from researchers and planners as rural areas offer various (cultural) ecosystem services for the urban population. Urban dwellers increasingly desire recreation and landscape experience. Although this need for recreation is generally recognized, few studies have focused on the question of people's preferences for certain types and characteristics of outdoor recreation areas in relation to the frequency of use. In order to acquire baseline data on this subject, the main objectives of this study were to explore recreation preferences of urban dwellers and the relation between actual use and perceived value of recreation areas in a case study in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (Germany). In a social survey, Hamburg residents (n = 400) were asked about their preferences and use of four important regional recreation areas with different landscape characteristics in face-to-face interviews in different locations in the city. We found that both outdoor recreation within and outside of the city were fairly or very important for more than 70% of the questioned urban dwellers. Interestingly, the preference for a recreation area outside of the city did not depend on the frequency of use, which indicates that certain recreation areas had a symbolic value besides their use value. When people were questioned on the characteristics of recreation areas, perceived naturalness was found to be strongly related to preference. Respondents considered the diversity, uniqueness, and naturalness of the landscape to be far more important than the accessibility of the recreation areas and the provision of service facilities. eng
dc.description.sponsorship German Federal Ministry of Education and Research/AgroForNet
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dc.publisher San Francisco : Public Library of Science
dc.rights CC BY 4.0
dc.subject ecosystem services eng
dc.subject landscape eng
dc.subject perceptions eng
dc.subject parks eng
dc.subject recreation eng
dc.subject age groups eng
dc.subject urban ecology eng
dc.subject rural areas eng
dc.subject culture eng
dc.subject attitudes eng
dc.subject urban areas eng
dc.subject survey eng
dc.subject Hamburg eng
dc.subject Stadtbevölkerung ger
dc.subject Erholung ger
dc.subject Landschaftserlebnis ger
dc.subject Stadtökologie ger
dc.subject Naturerlebnis ger
dc.subject Erholungsgebiet ger
dc.subject ländlicher Raum ger
dc.subject ländliches Gebiet ger
dc.subject Stadtgebiet ger
dc.subject Natur ger
dc.subject Naherholung ger
dc.subject Befragung ger
dc.subject Vorliebe ger
dc.subject Studie ger
dc.subject Hamburg ger
dc.subject.classification Stadtbevölkerung ger
dc.subject.classification Erholung ger
dc.subject.classification Vorliebe ger
dc.subject.classification Erholungsgebiet ger
dc.subject.classification Naherholungsgebiet ger
dc.subject.classification Stadtökologie ger
dc.subject.classification Naturerlebnis ger
dc.subject.classification Ländlicher Raum ger
dc.subject.classification Stadt ger
dc.subject.classification Befragung ger
dc.subject.classification Interview ger
dc.subject.classification Studie ger
dc.subject.classification Hamburg ger
dc.subject.ddc 710 | Landschaftsgestaltung, Raumplanung ger
dc.title The Preference and Actual Use of Different Types of Rural Recreation Areas by Urban Dwellers – The Hamburg Case Study
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dc.relation.issn 1932-6203
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