Coarse-grained distinguishability of field interactions

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dc.identifier.uri Bény, Cédric ger 2018-10-26T12:19:50Z 2018-10-26T12:19:50Z 2018
dc.identifier.citation Beny, C.: Coarse-grained distinguishability of field interactions. In: Quantum 2 (2018), 67. DOI: ger
dc.description.abstract Information-theoretical quantities such as statistical distinguishability typically result from optimisations over all conceivable observables. Physical theories, however, are not generally considered valid for all mathematically allowed measurements. For instance, quantum field theories are not meant to be correct or even consistent at arbitrarily small lengthscales. A general way of limiting such an optimisation to certain observables is to first coarse-grain the states by a quantum channel. We show how to calculate contractive quantum information metrics on coarse-grained equilibrium states of free bosonic systems (Gaussian states), in directions generated by arbitrary perturbations of the Hamiltonian. As an example, we study the Klein-Gordon field. If the phase-space resolution is coarse compared to h-bar, the various metrics become equal and the calculations simplify. In that context, we compute the scale dependence of the distinguishability of the quartic interaction. ger
dc.language.iso eng ger
dc.publisher Wien : Verein zur Förderung des Open Access Publizierens in den Quantenwissenschaften
dc.relation.ispartofseries Quantum 2 (2018) ger
dc.rights CC BY 4.0 Unported
dc.subject Statistics eng
dc.subject Quantum field theory eng
dc.subject Gaussian states eng
dc.subject.ddc 530 | Physik ger
dc.title Coarse-grained distinguishability of field interactions eng
dc.type article ger
dc.type Text ger
dc.description.version publishedVersion ger
tib.accessRights frei zug�nglich

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