Browse Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsie by Dewey Decimal Classification

Browse Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsie by Dewey Decimal Classification

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  • Dennig, Dirk; Bureick, Johannes; Link, Johannes; Diener, Dmitri; Hesse, Christian; Neumann, Ingo (Basel : MDPI AG, 2017)
    The process of surveying crane runways has been continually refined due to the competitive situation, modern surveying instruments, additional sensors, accessories and evaluation procedures. Guidelines, such as the ...
  • Sadek, E.; Fouad, N.A. (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2013)
    Extruded polystyrene rigid foams have attracted a great attention as a superior load-bearing thermal insulation material since their implementation in building construction. One of the most common application areas of this ...
  • Zhou, Shuai; Vu-Bac, Nam; Arash, Behrouz; Zhu, Hehua; Zhuang, Xiaoying (Basel : MDPI AG, 2019)
    Polyethylene is widely adopted in engineered cementitious composites to control the crack width. A clearer knowledge of the PE/concrete interfacial properties is important in developing engineered cementitious composites, ...
  • Schmidt, Kathrin Rachel; aus der Beek, Tim; Dai, Xiaohu; Dong, Binghzi; Dopp, Elke; Eichinger, Florian; Hammers-Wirtz, Monika; Haußmann, Regina; Holbach, Andreas; Hollert, Henner; Illgen, Marc; Jiang, Xia; Koehler, Jan; Koester, Stephan; Korth, Andreas; Kueppers, Stephan; Li, Aili; Lohmann, Matthias; Moldaenke, Christian; Norra, Stefan; Qin, Boqiang; Qin, Yanwen; Reese, Moritz; Riehle, Edmund; Santiago-Schuebel, Beatrix; Schaefer, Charlotte; Simon, Anne; Song, Yonghui; Staaks, Christian; Steinhardt, Joerg; Subklew, Guenter; Tao, Tao; Wu, Tingfeng; Yin, Daqiang; Zhao, Fangfang; Zheng, Binghui; Zhou, Meiyue; Zou, Hua; Zuo, Jiane; Tiehm, Andreas (Heidelberg : Springer Verlag, 2016)
    The Taihu (Tai lake) region is one of the most economically prospering areas of China. Due to its location within this district of high anthropogenic activities, Taihu represents a drastic example of water pollution with ...

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