Respiratory electron transfer pathways in plant mitochondria

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dc.identifier.uri Schertl, Peter Braun, Hans-Peter 2015-07-28T08:46:36Z 2015-07-28T08:46:36Z 2014-04-29
dc.identifier.citation Schertl, Peter; Braun, Hans-Peter: Respiratory electron transfer pathways in plant mitochondria. In: Frontiers in Plant Science 5 (2014), Artikel-Nr. 163. DOI:
dc.description.abstract The respiratory electron transport chain (ETC) couples electron transfer from organic substrates onto molecular oxygen with proton translocation across the inner mitochondrial membrane. The resulting proton gradient is used by the ATP synthase complex for ATP formation. In plants, the ETC is especially intricate. Besides the "classical" oxidoreductase complexes (complex I-IV) and the mobile electron transporters cytochrome c and ubiguinone, it comprises numerous "alternative oxidoreductases." Furthermore, several dehydrogenases localized in the mitochondrial matrix and the mitochondrial intermembrane space directly or indirectly provide electrons for the ETC. Entry of electrons into the system occurs via numerous pathways which are dynamically regulated in response to the metabolic state of a plant cell as well as environmental factors. This mini review aims to summarize recent findings on respiratory electron transfer pathways in plants and on the involved components and supramolecular assemblies. eng
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dc.publisher Lausanne : Frontiers Research Foundation
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dc.subject plant mitochondria eng
dc.subject mitochondria eng
dc.subject electron transport chain eng
dc.subject dehydrogenase eng
dc.subject alternative oxidase eng
dc.subject respiratory supercomplex eng
dc.subject Pflanze ger
dc.subject Mitochondrium ger
dc.subject Mitochondrion ger
dc.subject Elektronentransportkette ger
dc.subject Dehydrogenase ger
dc.subject alternative Oxidase ger
dc.subject Atmungssuper-Komplex ger
dc.subject Atmungskette ger
dc.subject Superkomplex ger
dc.subject ETC eng
dc.subject.classification Mitochondrium ger
dc.subject.classification Elektronentransportkette ger
dc.subject.classification Dehydrogenasen ger
dc.subject.classification Alternative Oxidase ger
dc.subject.classification Atmungskette ger
dc.subject.ddc 580 | Pflanzen (Botanik) ger
dc.title Respiratory electron transfer pathways in plant mitochondria eng
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