Improved Synthesis of Global Irradiance with One-Minute Resolution for PV System Simulations

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dc.identifier.uri Hofmann, Martin Riechelmann, Stefan Crisosto, Christian Mubarak, Riyad Seckmeyer, Gunther 2015-07-27T10:46:05Z 2015-07-27T10:46:05Z 2014-11-26
dc.identifier.citation Hofmann, Martin; Riechelmann, Stefan; Crisosto, Christian; Mubarak, Riyad; Seckmeyer, Gunther: Improved Synthesis of Global Irradiance with One-Minute Resolution for PV System Simulations. In: International Journal of Photoenergy 2014 (2014), Artikel-Nr. 808509. DOI:
dc.description.abstract High resolution global irradiance time series are needed for accurate simulations of photovoltaic (PV) systems, since the typical volatile PV power output induced by fast irradiance changes cannot be simulated properly with commonly available hourly averages of global irradiance. We present a two-step algorithm that is capable of synthesizing one-minute global irradiance time series based on hourly averaged datasets. The algorithm is initialized by deriving characteristic transition probability matrices (TPM) for different weather conditions (cloudless, broken clouds and overcast) from a large number of high resolution measurements. Once initialized, the algorithm is location-independent and capable of synthesizing one-minute values based on hourly averaged global irradiance of any desired location. The one-minute time series are derived by discrete-time Markov chains based on a TPM that matches the weather condition of the input dataset. One-minute time series generated with the presented algorithm are compared with measured high resolution data and show a better agreement compared to two existing synthesizing algorithms in terms of temporal variability and characteristic frequency distributions of global irradiance and clearness index values. A comparison based on measurements performed in Lindenberg, Germany, and Carpentras, France, shows a reduction of the frequency distribution root mean square errors of more than 60% compared to the two existing synthesizing algorithms. eng
dc.description.sponsorship DFG
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dc.publisher New York : Hindawi Publishing Corporation
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 Unported
dc.subject Radiation eng
dc.subject Classification eng
dc.subject Distributions eng
dc.subject Temperature eng
dc.subject Climate eng
dc.subject Algorithm eng
dc.subject Probability Density eng
dc.subject Wahrscheinlichkeitsdichte ger
dc.subject Radiation ger
dc.subject Strahlung ger
dc.subject Globalstrahlung ger
dc.subject Klassifizierung ger
dc.subject Verteilung ger
dc.subject Temperatur ger
dc.subject Klima ger
dc.subject Algorithmus ger
dc.subject Photovoltaik ger
dc.subject Photovoltaic eng
dc.subject.classification Dichte <Stochastik> ger
dc.subject.classification Globalstrahlung ger
dc.subject.classification Verteilung ger
dc.subject.classification Temperatur ger
dc.subject.classification Klima ger
dc.subject.classification Algorithmus ger
dc.subject.classification Photovoltaik ger
dc.subject.ddc 550 | Geowissenschaften ger
dc.title Improved Synthesis of Global Irradiance with One-Minute Resolution for PV System Simulations eng
dc.type article
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dc.relation.essn 1687-529X
dc.relation.issn 1110-662X
dc.relation.doi 10.1155/2014/808509
dc.description.version publishedVersion
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