Toxicological Issues of Nanoparticles Employed in Photocatalysis

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dc.identifier.uri Wagner, Stefanie Bloh, Jonathan Z. Kasper, Cornelia Bahnemann, Detlef W. 2016-01-25T13:26:20Z 2016-01-25T13:26:20Z 2011-04-13
dc.identifier.citation Wagner, Stefanie; Bloh, Jonathan; Kasper, Cornelia; Bahnemann, Detlef W.: Toxicological Issues of Nanoparticles Employed in Photocatalysis. In: Green 1 (2011), Nr. 2, S. 171-188. DOI:
dc.description.abstract A huge amount of different nanomaterials is nowadays on the market used for various specific applications. Some nanomaterials such as TiO2, ZnO as well as several other semiconductors exhibit photocatalytic activity. Hence these materials are used for many applications, e.g., for self-cleaning and antibacterial coatings on different surfaces and for the purification of wastewater where the cleaning can be induced by simple exposure to sunlight. Because of the frequent use of these nanoparticles it is important to investigate the life cycles of these nanostructured materials as well as their environmental impact and their toxicity to animals and humans. This review first gives a short overview about nanotechnology and nanotechnological products as well as about photocatalysis and semiconductors used in this field. We then discuss the need for a new technology named nanotoxicology and the problems occurring when investigating the toxic potential of nanomaterials as well as the life cycle of nanomaterials. Furthermore, we focus on the environmental impact of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles including toxic effects to bacteria, water organisms and plants as well as their toxic effects to humans including in vitro and in vivo studies. eng
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dc.publisher Berlin: Walter de Gruyter
dc.relation.ispartofseries Green 1 (2011), Nr. 2
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dc.subject nanotoxicology eng
dc.subject nanotechnology eng
dc.subject TiO2 ZnO eng
dc.subject photocatalysis eng
dc.subject environmental impacts eng
dc.subject human health risks eng
dc.subject in vivo studies eng
dc.subject in vitro studies eng
dc.subject.ddc 624 | Ingenieurbau und Umwelttechnik ger
dc.subject.ddc 333,7 | Natürliche Ressourcen, Energie und Umwelt ger
dc.title Toxicological Issues of Nanoparticles Employed in Photocatalysis eng
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dc.relation.essn 1869-8778
dc.relation.issn 1869-876X
dc.bibliographicCitation.issue 2
dc.bibliographicCitation.volume 1
dc.bibliographicCitation.firstPage 171
dc.bibliographicCitation.lastPage 188
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