Lasers and optics: Looking towards third generation gravitational wave detectors

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dc.identifier.uri Mavalvala, Nergis McClelland, David E. Mueller, Guido Reitze, D.H. Schnabel, Roman Willke, Benno 2017-09-07T13:27:58Z 2017-09-07T13:27:58Z 2011
dc.identifier.citation Mavalvala, N.; McClelland, D.E.; Mueller, G.; Reitze, D.H.; Schnabel, R.; Willke, B.: Lasers and optics: Looking towards third generation gravitational wave detectors. In: General Relativity and Gravitation 43 (2011), Nr. 2, S. 569-592. DOI:
dc.description.abstract Third generation terrestrial interferometric gravitational wave detectors will likely require significant advances in laser and optical technologies to reduce two of the main limiting noise sources: thermal noise due to mirror coatings and quantum noise arising from a combination of shot noise and radiation pressure noise. Increases in laser power and possible changes of the operational wavelength require new high power laser sources and new electro-optic modulators and Faraday isolators. Squeezed light can be used to further reduce the quantum noise while nano-structured optical components can be used to reduce or eliminate mirror coating thermal noise as well as to implement all-reflective interferometer configurations to avoid thermal effects in mirror substrates. This paper is intended to give an overview on the current state-of-the-art and future trends in these areas of ongoing research and development. eng
dc.description.sponsorship NSF/PHY0555453
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dc.publisher Heidelberg : Springer Verlag
dc.relation.ispartofseries General Relativity and Gravitation 43 (2011), Nr. 2
dc.rights CC BY-NC 4.0 Unported
dc.subject Gravitational wave detection eng
dc.subject Laser interferometry eng
dc.subject Gravitationswelle ger
dc.subject.ddc 530 | Physik ger
dc.title Lasers and optics: Looking towards third generation gravitational wave detectors
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dc.relation.issn 00017701
dc.bibliographicCitation.issue 2
dc.bibliographicCitation.volume 43
dc.bibliographicCitation.firstPage 569
dc.bibliographicCitation.lastPage 592
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