Near-field tsunami hazard map Padang, West Sumatra: Utilizing high resolution geospatial data and reseasonable source scenarios

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dc.identifier.uri Schlurmann, Torsten Kongko, W. Goseberg, N. Natawidjaja, D.H. Sieh, K. 2017-09-07T12:54:31Z 2017-09-07T12:54:31Z 2010
dc.identifier.citation Schlurmann, T.; Kongko, W.; Goseberg, N.; Natawidjaja, D.H.; Sieh, K.: Near-field tsunami hazard map Padang, West Sumatra: Utilizing high resolution geospatial data and reseasonable source scenarios. In: Coastal Engineering Proceedings : Proceedings of the International Conference on Coastal Engineering 32 (2010), management.26. DOI:
dc.description.abstract Near-field tsunami propagation both in shallow water environments and bore-like wave propagation on land are conducted in this study to obtain fundamental knowledge on the tsunami hazard potential in the city of Padang, Western Sumatra, Republic of Indonesia. As the region proves a huge seismic moment deficit which has progressively accumulated since the last recorded major earthquakes in 1797 and 1833, this investigation focuses on most reasonable seismic sources and possibly triggered near-shore tsunamis in order to develop upgraded disaster mitigations programs in this densely-populated urban agglomeration located on the western shore of Sumatra Island. Observations from continuous Global Positioning Satellite (cGPS) systems and supplementary coral growth studies confirm a much greater probability of occurrence that a major earthquake and subsequent tsunami are likely to strike the region in the near future. Newly surveyed and processed sets of geodata have been collected and used to progress most plausible rupture scenarios to approximate the extent and magnitudes of a further earthquake. Based upon this novel understanding, the present analysis applies two hydronumerical codes to simulate most probable tsunami run-up and subsequent inundations in the city of Padang in very fine resolution. Run-up heights and flow-depths are determined stemming from these most plausible rupture scenarios. Evaluation of outcome and performance of both numerical tools regarding impacts of surge flow and bore-like wave fronts encountering the coast and inundating the city are thoroughly carried out. Results are discussed not only for further scientific purposes, i.e. benchmark tests, but also to disseminate main findings to responsible authorities in Padang with the objective to distribute the most probable dataset of plausible tsunami inundations as well as to address valuable insights and knowledge for effective counter measures, i.e. evacuation routes and shelter building. Following evacuation simulations based on rational assumptions and simplifications reveal a most alerting result as about 265.000 people are living in the highly exposed potential tsunami inundation area in the city of Padang of which more than 95.000 people will need more than 30 min. to evacuate to safe areas. eng
dc.description.sponsorship DFG
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dc.publisher Reston : American Society of Civil Engineers
dc.relation.ispartofseries Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference (2010)
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 US
dc.subject 2D nonlinear shallow water equations eng
dc.subject Coastal development eng
dc.subject Disaster risk reduction eng
dc.subject Integrated coastal zone management eng
dc.subject Risk assessment eng
dc.subject Tsunami hazard modeling eng
dc.subject Non-linear shallow water equations eng
dc.subject Risk reductions eng
dc.subject Tsunami hazards eng
dc.subject Benchmarking eng
dc.subject Coastal engineering eng
dc.subject Earthquakes eng
dc.subject Equations of motion eng
dc.subject Floods eng
dc.subject Hazards eng
dc.subject Risk assessment eng
dc.subject Tsunamis eng
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dc.subject.ddc 550 | Geowissenschaften ger
dc.title Near-field tsunami hazard map Padang, West Sumatra: Utilizing high resolution geospatial data and reseasonable source scenarios
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dc.relation.issn 2156-1028
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