Narrow-band search for gravitational waves from known pulsars using the second LIGO observing run

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dc.identifier.uri Abbott, B.P. Abbott, R. Abbott, T.D. Abraham, S. Acernese, F. Ackley, K. Adams, C. Adhikari, R.X. Adya, V.B. Affeldt, C. Agathos, M. Agatsuma, K. Aggarwal, N. Aguiar, O.D. Aiello, L. Ain, A. Ajith, P. Allen, G. Allocca, A. Aloy, M.A. Altin, P.A. Amato, A. Ananyeva, A. Anderson, S.B. Anderson, W.G. Angelova, S.V. Antier, S. Appert, S. Arai, K. Araya, M.C. Areeda, J.S. Arène, M. Arnaud, N. Ascenzi, S. Ashton, G. Aston, S.M. Astone, P. Aubin, F. Aufmuth, P. AultONeal, K. Austin, C. Avendano, V. Avila-Alvarez, A. Babak, S. Bacon, P. Badaracco, F. Bader, M.K.M. Bae, S. Baker, P.T. Baldaccini, F. Ballardin, G. Ballmer, S.W. Banagiri, S. Barayoga, J.C. Barclay, S.E. Barish, B.C. Barker, D. Barkett, K. Barnum, S. Barone, F. Barr, B. Barsotti, L. Barsuglia, M. Barta, D. Bartlett, J. Bartos, I. Bassiri, R. Basti, A. Bawaj, M. Bayley, J.C. Bazzan, M. Bécsy, B. Bejger, M. Belahcene, I. Bell, A.S. Beniwal, D. Berger, B.K. Bergmann, G. Bernuzzi, S. Bero, J.J. Berry, C.P.L. Bersanetti, D. Bertolini, A. Betzwieser, J. Bhandare, R. Bidler, J. Bilenko, I.A. Bilgili, S.A. Billingsley, G. Birch, J. Birney, R. Birnholtz, O. Biscans, S. Biscoveanu, S. Bisht, A. Bitossi, M. Bizouard, M.A. Blackburn, J.K. Blair, C.D. Blair, D.G. Blair, R.M. Bloemen, S. Bode, N. Boer, M. Boetzel, Y. Bogaert, G. Bondu, F. Bonilla, E. Bonnand, R. Booker, P. Boom, B.A. Booth, C.D. Bork, R. Boschi, V. Bose, S. Bossie, K. Bossilkov, V. Bosveld, J. Bouffanais, Y. Bozzi, A. Bradaschia, C. Brady, P.R. Bramley, A. Branchesi, M. Brau, J.E. Briant, T. Briggs, J.H. Brighenti, F. Brillet, A. Brinkmann, M. Brisson, V. Brockill, P. Brooks, A.F. Brown, D.D. Brunett, S. Buikema, A. Bulik, T. Bulten, H.J. Buonanno, A. Buskulic, D. Buy, C. Byer, R.L. Cabero, M. Cadonati, L. Cagnoli, G. Cahillane, C. Calderón Bustillo, J. Callister, T.A. Calloni, E. Camp, J.B. Campbell, W.A. Canepa, M. Cannon, K.C. Cao, H. Cao, J. Capocasa, E. Carbognani, F. Caride, S. Carney, M.F. Carullo, G. Casanueva Diaz, J. Casentini, C. Caudill, S. Cavaglià, M. Cavalier, F. Cavalieri, R. Cella, G. Cerdá-Durán, P. Cerretani, G. Cesarini, E. Chaibi, O. Chakravarti, K. Chamberlin, S.J. Chan, M. Chao, S. Charlton, P. Chase, E.A. Chassande-Mottin, E. Chatterjee, D. Chaturvedi, M. Cheeseboro, B.D. Chen, H.Y. Chen, X. Chen, Y. Cheng, H.-P. Cheong, C.K. Chia, H.Y. Chincarini, A. Chiummo, A. Cho, G. Cho, H.S. Cho, M. Christensen, N. Chu, Q. Chua, S. Chung, K.W. Chung, S. Ciani, G. Ciobanu, A.A. Ciolfi, R. Cipriano, F. Cirone, A. Clara, F. Clark, J.A. Clearwater, P. Cleva, F. Cocchieri, C. Coccia, E. Cohadon, P.-F. Cohen, D. Colgan, R. Colleoni, M. Collette, C.G. Collins, C. Cominsky, L.R. Constancio, M. Conti, L. Cooper, S.J. Corban, P. Corbitt, T.R. Cordero-Carrión, I. Corley, K.R. Cornish, N. Corsi, A. Cortese, S. Costa, C.A. Cotesta, R. Coughlin, M.W. Coughlin, S.B. Coulon, J.-P. Countryman, S.T. Couvares, P. Covas, P.B. Cowan, E.E. Coward, D.M. Cowart, M.J. Coyne, D.C. Coyne, R. Creighton, J.D.E. Creighton, T.D. Cripe, J. Croquette, M. Crowder, S.G. Cullen, T.J. Cumming, A. Cunningham, L. Cuoco, E. Dal Canton, T. Dálya, G. Danilishin, S.L. D’Antonio, S. Danzmann, K. Dasgupta, A. Da Silva Costa, C.F. Datrier, L.E.H. Dattilo, V. Dave, I. Davier, M. Davis, D. Daw, E.J. DeBra, D. Deenadayalan, M. Degallaix, J. De Laurentis, M. Deléglise, S. Del Pozzo, W. DeMarchi, L.M. Demos, N. Dent, T. De Pietri, R. Derby, J. De Rosa, R. De Rossi, C. DeSalvo, R. de Varona, O. Dhurandhar, S. Díaz, M.C. Dietrich, T. Di Fiore, L. Di Giovanni, M. Di Girolamo, T. Di Lieto, A. Ding, B. Di Pace, S. Di Palma, I. Di Renzo, F. Dmitriev, A. Doctor, Z. Donovan, F. Dooley, K.L. Doravari, S. Dorrington, I. Downes, T.P. Drago, M. Driggers, J.C. Du, Z. Ducoin, J.-G. Dupej, P. Dwyer, S.E. Easter, P.J. Edo, T.B. Edwards, M.C. Effler, A. Ehrens, P. Eichholz, J. Eikenberry, S.S. Eisenmann, M. Eisenstein, R.A. Essick, R.C. Estelles, H. Estevez, D. Etienne, Z.B. Etzel, T. Evans, M. Evans, T.M. Fafone, V. Fair, H. Fairhurst, S. Fan, X. Farinon, S. Farr, B. Farr, W.M. Fauchon-Jones, E.J. Favata, M. Fays, M. Fazio, M. Fee, C. Feicht, J. Fejer, M.M. Feng, F. Fernandez-Galiana, A. Ferrante, I. Ferreira, E.C. Ferreira, T.A. Ferrini, F. Fidecaro, F. Fiori, I. Fiorucci, D. Fishbach, M. Fisher, R.P. Fishner, J.M. Fitz-Axen, M. Flaminio, R. Fletcher, M. Flynn, E. Fong, H. Font, J.A. Forsyth, P.W.F. Fournier, J.-D. Frasca, S. Frasconi, F. Frei, Z. Freise, A. Frey, R. Frey, V. Fritschel, P. Frolov, V.V. Fulda, P. Fyffe, M. Gabbard, H.A. Gadre, B.U. Gaebel, S.M. Gair, J.R. Gammaitoni, L. Ganija, M.R. Gaonkar, S.G. Garcia, A. García-Quirós, C. Garufi, F. Gateley, B. Gaudio, S. Gaur, G. Gayathri, V. Gemme, G. Genin, E. Gennai, A. George, D. George, J. Gergely, L. Germain, V. Ghonge, S. Ghosh, Abhirup Ghosh, Archisman Ghosh, S. Giacomazzo, B. Giaime, J.A. Giardina, K.D. Giazotto, A. Gill, K. Giordano, G. Glover, L. Godwin, P. Goetz, E. Goetz, R. Goncharov, B. González, G. Castro Gonzalez, J.M. Gopakumar, A. Gorodetsky, M.L. Gossan, S.E. Gosselin, M. Gouaty, R. Grado, A. Graef, C. Granata, M. Grant, A. Gras, S. Grassia, P. Gray, C. Gray, R. Greco, G. Green, A.C. Green, R. Gretarsson, E.M. Groot, P. Grote, H. Grunewald, S. Gruning, P. Guidi, G.M. Gulati, H.K. Guo, Y. Gupta, A. Gupta, M.K. Gustafson, E.K. Gustafson, R. Haegel, L. Halim, O. Hall, B.R. Hall, E.D. Hamilton, E.Z. Hammond, G. Haney, M. Hanke, M.M. Hanks, J. Hanna, C. Hannuksela, O.A. Hanson, J. Hardwick, T. Haris, K. Harms, J. Harry, G.M. Harry, I.W. Haster, C.-J. Haughian, K. Hayes, F.J. Healy, J. Heidmann, A. Heintze, M.C. Heitmann, H. Hello, P. Hemming, G. Hendry, M. Heng, I.S. Hennig, J. Heptonstall, A.W. Hernandez Vivanco, Francisco Heurs, Michèle Hild, S. Hinderer, T. Hoak, D. Hochheim, S. Hofman, D. Holgado, A.M. Holland, N.A. Holt, K. Holz, D.E. Hopkins, P. Horst, C. Hough, J. Howell, E.J. Hoy, C.G. Hreibi, A. Huerta, E.A. Huet, D. Hughey, B. Hulko, M. Husa, S. Huttner, S.H. Huynh-Dinh, T. Idzkowski, B. Iess, A. 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Zweizig, J. Keith, M. Kerr, M. Kuiper, L. Harding, A.K. Lyne, A. Palfreyman, J. Stappers, B. Weltervrede, P. 2022-05-13T05:08:30Z 2022-05-13T05:08:30Z 2019
dc.identifier.citation Abbott, B.P.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.D.; Abraham, S.; Acernese, F. et al.: Narrow-band search for gravitational waves from known pulsars using the second LIGO observing run. In: Physical Review D 99 (2019), Nr. 12, 122002. DOI:
dc.description.abstract Isolated spinning neutron stars, asymmetric with respect to their rotation axis, are expected to be sources of continuous gravitational waves. The most sensitive searches for these sources are based on accurate matched filtering techniques that assume the continuous wave to be phase locked with the pulsar beamed emission. While matched filtering maximizes the search sensitivity, a significant signal-to-noise ratio loss will happen in the case of a mismatch between the assumed and the true signal phase evolution. Narrow-band algorithms allow for a small mismatch in the frequency and spin-down values of the pulsar while coherently integrating the entire dataset. In this paper, we describe a narrow-band search using LIGO O2 data for the continuous wave emission of 33 pulsars. No evidence of a continuous wave signal is found, and upper limits on the gravitational wave amplitude over the analyzed frequency and spin-down ranges are computed for each of the targets. In this search, we surpass the spin-down limit, namely, the maximum rotational energy loss due to gravitational waves emission for some of the pulsars already present in the LIGO O1 narrow-band search, such as J1400-6325, J1813-1246, J1833-1034, J1952+3252, and for new targets such as J0940-5428 and J1747-2809. For J1400-6325, J1833-1034, and J1747-2809, this is the first time the spin-down limit is surpassed. © 2019 American Physical Society. eng
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher College Park, MD : American Physical Society
dc.relation.ispartofseries Physical Review D 99 (2019), Nr. 12
dc.rights Es gilt deutsches Urheberrecht. Das Dokument darf zum eigenen Gebrauch kostenfrei genutzt, aber nicht im Internet bereitgestellt oder an Außenstehende weitergegeben werden.
dc.subject proper motion eng
dc.subject young eng
dc.subject discovery eng
dc.subject.ddc 530 | Physik ger
dc.title Narrow-band search for gravitational waves from known pulsars using the second LIGO observing run eng
dc.type article
dc.type Text
dc.relation.issn 2470-0010
dc.bibliographicCitation.issue 12
dc.bibliographicCitation.volume 99
dc.bibliographicCitation.firstPage 122002
dc.description.version publishedVersion
tib.accessRights frei zug�nglich

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