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  • Oelen, Allard; Jaradeh, Mohamad Yaser; Farfar, Kheir Eddine; Stocker, Markus; Auer, Sören (Aachen : RWTH Aachen, 2019)
    Conducting a scientific literature review is a time consuming activity. This holds for both finding and comparing the related literature. In this paper, we present a workflow and system designed to, among other things, ...
  • Sakor, Ahmad; Singh, Kuldeep; Vidal, Maria-Esther (Aachen : RWTH, 2019)
    We tackle the problem of entity and relation linking and present FALCON, a rule-based tool able to accurately map entities and relations in short texts to resources in a knowledge graph. FALCON resorts to fundamental ...
  • Manzoor Bajwa, Awais; Collarana, Diego; Vidal, Maria-Esther (Heidelberg : Springer Verlag, 2019)
    Biomedical knowledge graphs such as STITCH, SIDER, and Drugbank provide the basis for the discovery of associations between biomedical entities, e.g., interactions between drugs and targets. Link prediction is a paramount ...

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