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  • Aadhi, A.; Kovalev, Anton V.; Kues, Michael; Roztocki, Piotr; Reimer, Christian; Zhang, Yanbing; Wang, Tao; Little, Brent E.; Chu, Sai T.; Wang, Zhiming; Moss, David J.; Viktorov, Evgeny A.; Morandotti, Roberto (Washington, DC : Optica, 2019)
    The ability of laser systems to emit different adjustable temporal pulse profiles and patterns is desirable for a broad range of applications. While passive mode-locking techniques have been widely employed for the realization ...
  • Beichert, Luise; Binhammer, Yuliya; Andrade, José R. C.; Mevert, Robin; Kniggendorf, Ann-Kathrin; Roth, Bernhard; Morgner, Uwe (Washington, DC : Optica, 2021)
    Ultrafast detection of microplastic particles is becoming a vital problem, as these particles are found in water sources worldwide. Ideally, a live analysis in flow is desirable to directly monitor the water quality for ...

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