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  • Lorenz, M.; Heimann, B.; Haertel, V. (Amsterdam : Ios PressNew York, NY : Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2006)
    In this paper the authors present a semi-active engine mount with a controllable friction damper. The normal force of the friction contact is applied by an electromagnetic actuator and can be varied dynamically. The nonlinear ...
  • Demidova, Elena; Barbieri, Nicola; Dietze, Stefan; Funk, Adam; Holzmann, Helge; Maynard, Diana; Papailiou, Nikolaos; Peters, Wim; Risse, Thomas; Spiliotopoulos, Dimitris (Basel : MDPI AG, 2014)
    The web and the social web play an increasingly important role as an information source for Members of Parliament and their assistants, journalists, political analysts and researchers. It provides important and crucial ...
  • Andini, R.; Sulaiman, M.I.; Umam, A.H.; Olivia, M.; Endres, H.J. (London [u.a.] : Institute of Physics, 2021)
    The food packaging industry is the largest sector of the plastic industry, accounting for 40% of the total (conventional) plastic demand. Conventional plastic packaging has significant practical advantages, in protecting ...
  • Heinemann, Henrike; Becker, Kevin; Schrey, Hedda; Zeng, Haoxuan; Stadler, Marc; Cox, Russell J. (Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2023)
    Submerged cultivation of Hypomontagnella monticulosa MUCL 54604 resulted in formation of a stereoisomeric mixture of new sulfur-containing sporothriolide derivatives named sporothioethers A and B. The presence of the ...

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