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  • Demidova, Elena; Barbieri, Nicola; Dietze, Stefan; Funk, Adam; Holzmann, Helge; Maynard, Diana; Papailiou, Nikolaos; Peters, Wim; Risse, Thomas; Spiliotopoulos, Dimitris (Basel : MDPI AG, 2014)
    The web and the social web play an increasingly important role as an information source for Members of Parliament and their assistants, journalists, political analysts and researchers. It provides important and crucial ...
  • Risse, Thomas; Demidova, Elena; Dietze, Stefan; Peters, Wim; Papailiou, Nikolaos; Doka, Katerina; Stavrakas, Yannis; Plachouras, Vassilis; Senellart, Pierre; Carpentier, Florent; Mantrach, Amin; Cautis, Bogdan; Siehndel, Patrick; Spiliotopoulos, Dimitris (Basel : MDPI AG, 2014)
    The constantly growing amount ofWeb content and the success of the SocialWeb lead to increasing needs for Web archiving. These needs go beyond the pure preservationo of Web pages. Web archives are turning into “community ...

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