The space atom laser: An isotropic source for ultra-cold atoms in microgravity

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dc.identifier.uri Meister, Matthias Roura, Albert Rasel, Ernst M. Schleich, Wolfgang P. 2021-02-16T12:48:36Z 2021-02-16T12:48:36Z 2019
dc.identifier.citation Meister, M.; Roura, A.; Rasel, E.M.; Schleich, W.P.: The space atom laser: An isotropic source for ultra-cold atoms in microgravity. In: New Journal of Physics 21 (2019), Nr. 1, 13039. DOI:
dc.description.abstract Atom laser experiments with Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) performed in ground-based laboratories feature a coherent and directed beam of atoms which is accelerated by gravity. In microgravity the situation is fundamentally different because the dynamics is entirely determined by the repulsive interaction between the atoms and not by the gravitational force. As a result, the output of a space atom laser is a spherical wave slowly expanding away from the initial BEC. We present a thorough theoretical study of this new source of matter waves based on rf outcoupling which exhibits an isotropic distribution both in position and momentum even for an initially anisotropic trap. The unique geometry of such a freely expanding, shell-shaped BEC offers new possibilities for matter waves in microgravity and is complementary to other matter-wave sources prepared by delta-kick collimation or adiabatic expansion. Our work paves the way for the upcoming experimental realization of a space atom laser making use of NASA's Cold Atom Laboratory on the International Space Station. eng
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dc.publisher Bristol : Institute of Physics Publishing
dc.relation.ispartofseries New Journal of Physics 21 (2019), Nr. 1
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 Unported
dc.subject atom laser eng
dc.subject Bose-Einstein condensate eng
dc.subject microgravity eng
dc.subject rf outcoupling eng
dc.subject Atoms eng
dc.subject Bose-Einstein condensation eng
dc.subject Microgravity eng
dc.subject Microgravity processing eng
dc.subject NASA eng
dc.subject Space stations eng
dc.subject Statistical mechanics eng
dc.subject Adiabatic expansion eng
dc.subject Bose-Einstein condensates eng
dc.subject Experimental realizations eng
dc.subject Gravitational forces eng
dc.subject International Space stations eng
dc.subject Isotropic distributions eng
dc.subject Repulsive interactions eng
dc.subject rf outcoupling eng
dc.subject Atom lasers eng
dc.subject.ddc 530 | Physik ger
dc.title The space atom laser: An isotropic source for ultra-cold atoms in microgravity
dc.type Article
dc.type Text
dc.relation.issn 1367-2630
dc.bibliographicCitation.issue 1
dc.bibliographicCitation.volume 21
dc.bibliographicCitation.firstPage 13039
dc.description.version publishedVersion
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