Revealing the Ion Chemistry Occurring in High Kinetic Energy-Ion Mobility Spectrometry: A Proof of Principle Study

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Weiss, F.; Schaefer, C.; Zimmermann, S.; Märk, T.D.; Mayhew, C.A.: Revealing the Ion Chemistry Occurring in High Kinetic Energy-Ion Mobility Spectrometry: A Proof of Principle Study. In: Analytica—A Journal of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Analysis 4 (2023), Nr. 2, S. 113-125. DOI:

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Here, we present proof of principle studies to demonstrate how the product ions associated with the ion mobility peaks obtained from a High Kinetic Energy-Ion Mobility Spectrometer (HiKE-IMS) measurement of a volatile can be identified using a Proton Transfer Reaction/Selective Reagent Ion-Time-of-Flight-Mass Spectrometer (PTR/SRI-ToF-MS) when operating both instruments at the same reduced electric field value and similar humidities. This identification of product ions improves our understanding of the ion chemistry occurring in the ion source region of a HiKE-IMS. The combination of the two analytical techniques is needed, because in the HiKE-IMS three reagent ions (NO+, H3O+ and O2+•) are present at the same time in high concentrations in the reaction region of the instrument for reduced electric fields of 100 Td and above. This means that even with a mass spectrometer coupled to the HiKE-IMS, the assignment of the product ions to a given reagent ion to a high level of confidence can be challenging. In this paper, we demonstrate an alternative approach using PTR/SRI-ToF-MS that allows separate investigations of the reactions of the reagent ions NO+, H3O+ and O2+•. In this study, we apply this approach to four nitrile containing organic compounds, namely acetonitrile, 2-furonitrile, benzonitrile and acrylonitrile. Both the HiKE-IMS and the PTR/SRI-ToF-MS instruments were operated at a commonly used reduced electric field strength of 120 Td and with gas flows at the same humidities.
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Issue Date: 2023
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