Hierarchical And Flexible Navigation For AGVs In Autonomous Mixed Indoor And Outdoor Operation

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Zwingel, M.; Baier, L.; Blank, A.; Franke, J.: Hierarchical And Flexible Navigation For AGVs In Autonomous Mixed Indoor And Outdoor Operation. In: Herberger, D.; Hübner, M. (Eds.): Proceedings of the Conference on Production Systems and Logistics : CPSL 2021. Hannover : publish-Ing., 2021, S. 146-155. DOI: https://doi.org/10.15488/11298

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Globalized markets require a high degree of flexibility in existing production and logistics environments.Flexible intralogistics systems are one key component for enabling versatile production by ensuring materialsupply and providing a dynamic link between different production stages. Challenged by historically grownproduction layouts and the increasing need of adaptable supply routes due to new forms of workshop organization like matrix production, state-of-the art approaches for intralogistics systems based on automatedguided vehicles (AGVs) are not sufficient for mixed indoor and outdoor operation. In order to enable a trulyflexible operation of systems in these mixed indoor and outdoor scenarios, new solutions for navigation andplanning as well as increased autonomous capabilities of AGVs need to be focused (e.g. adaptive detectionof driveable regions).In this paper, we propose an approach of hierarchical navigation utilizing a node-based representation of theproduction and logistics environment to allow flexible pathing and routing of AGVs. Based on inherentinformation of each node, autonomous capabilities of AGVs are activated according to the requirements ofthe area of operation. To prove reliability of the proposed hierarchical and flexible navigation, an evaluationof the approach is performed utilizing an industrial mobile system enhanced by autonomous capabilities invarying real-world cross-building scenarios.
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Issue Date: 2021
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