Simulation-Based Evaluation Of The Hub-And-Spoke Concept To Support The Centrally Managed Supply Of Urban Factories

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Reineke, P.; Geusch, A.S.; Büth, L.; Mennenga, M.; Herrmann, C.: Simulation-Based Evaluation Of The Hub-And-Spoke Concept To Support The Centrally Managed Supply Of Urban Factories. In: Herberger, D.; Hübner, M. (Eds.): Proceedings of the Conference on Production Systems and Logistics : CPSL 2021. Hannover : publish-Ing., 2021, S. 308-318. DOI:

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The progressive urbanization and increasing decentralization of manufacturing lead to a growing need forthe integration of manufacturing plants into urban areas. As a result, industrially induced traffic volumes andemissions are increasing in these areas. Therefore, it is important to manage urban logistics as effective aspossible to reduce costs and environmental impacts. A promising approach to support the effective supplyof urban factories can be seen in a centrally managed supply. Especially the hub-and-spoke concept is knownto solve the problem of the last mile, e.g. within the parcel-industry. That is why most past research activitiesabout hub-and-spoke concepts focus on deliveries to individuals or deliveries in the retail sector while onlyconsidering parcel deliveries. However, differing from the parcel industry the supply of urban factoriesrequires especially just in time and just in sequence deliveries. Therefore, new approaches are required whichhelp to analyse if and how a centrally managed supply of urban factories can support the reduction of trafficvolumes and with this costs and environmental impacts. In this contribution we conduct a feasibility studyon the effectiveness of a centrally managed supply of urban factories using a simulation approach. Based onthe analysis of possible stakeholders and different hub concepts, we take a closer look on the application ofthe hub-and-spoke concept for urban logistics and provide a simulation based evaluation realized with thesoftware Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO).
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Issue Date: 2021
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