Accumulation of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Capacity during Berry Development in Black ‘Isabel’ Grape (Vitis vinifera L. x Vitis labrusca L.)

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Kurt-Celebi, A.; Colak, N.; Hayirlioglu-Ayaz, S.; Veličkovska, S.K.; Ilieva, F. et al.: Accumulation of Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Capacity during Berry Development in Black ‘Isabel’ Grape (Vitis vinifera L. x Vitis labrusca L.). In: Molecules 25 (2020), Nr. 17, 3845. DOI:

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Grapes are one of the most economically important fruits in the world and are of considerable benefit to human health due to their phenolic compounds. The black ‘Isabel’ grape (V. vinifera L. x V. labrusca L.) is widely grown in the Black Sea region of Turkey, where it is attracting increasing interest. The aim of this study was to investigate phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity (DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl) and CUPRAC (CUPric Reducing Antioxidant Capacity)) in the grape during berry development, which has been not reported yet from the region. A trend towards an increase in total phenolic compounds, flavonoid, and anthocyanin contents and antioxidant capacity values was observed from un-ripened to overly ripened berries. In addition, anthocyanins in berries and proanthocyanidins seeds were characterized during berry development. Accordingly, malvidin-3-O-glucoside was the major anthocyanin in skin (1.05–1729 mg/kg fresh weight (fw)) and whole berry (0.23–895 mg/kg fw), followed by the content of peonidin-3-O-glucoside (0.98–799 mg/kg fw and 0.15–202 mg/kg fw, respectively). After veraison (onset of ripening or change of color in the grape berries), all proanthocyanidins showed a gradual decrease through ripening. The results showed that anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins in the grape showed significant stage-dependent changes with positive or negative strong correlations. Considering the phenolic compounds, an optimum harvest date of the grape might be suggested between mid-September and mid-October (263 and 293 DAFBs). © 2020 by the authors.
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