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  • Sämann, Christian (Hannover : Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2006)
    [no abstract]
  • Jünemann, Klaus; Spendig, Bernd (Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2001)
    The amplitudes for emission and scattering of N = 2 strings off D-branes are calculated. We consider in detail the amplitudes <cc> and <occ> for the different types of D-branes. For some D-branes we find massive poles in ...
  • Chatzistavrakidis, Athanasios; Jonke, Larisa; Lechtenfeld, Olaf (Amsterdam : Elsevier Science BV, 2014)
    We study some aspects of the generalized geometry of nilmanifolds and examine to which extent different types of fluxes can coexist on them. Nilmanifolds constitute a class of homogeneous spaces which are interesting in ...
  • Lechtenfeld, Olaf; Noelle, Christoph; Popov, Alexander D. (New York, NY : Springer International Publishing, 2010)
    We consider compactifications of heterotic supergravity on anti-de Sitter space, with a six-dimensional nearly Kahler manifold as the internal space. Completing the model proposed by Frey and Lippert [10] with the particular ...
  • Jünemann, Klaus (Hannover : Universität, 1999)
    [no abstract]