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  • Zhang, T.; Knyazev, E.; Steinlechner, S.; Khalili, F.Y.; Barr, B. W.; Bell, A. S.; Dupej, P.; Briggs, J.; Graf, C.; Callaghan, J.; Hennig, J. S.; Houston, E. A.; Huttner, S. H.; Leavey, S.S.; Pascucci, D.; Sorazu, B.; Spencer, A.; Wright, J.; Strain, K.A.; Hild, S.; Danilishin, S.L. (Bristol : IOP Publishing Ltd., 2018)
    The Sagnac speed metre topology has been identified as a promising technique to reduce quantum back-action in gravitational-wave interferometers. However, imbalance of the main beamsplitter has been shown to increase the ...