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  • Bergmann, G.; Mow-Lowry, C.M.; Adya, V.B.; Bertolini, A.; Hanke, M.M.; Kirchhoff, R.; Köhlenbeck, S.M.; Kühn, G.; Oppermann, P.; Wanner, A.; Westphal, T.; Wöhler, J.; Wu, D.S.; Lück, H.; Strain, K.A.; Danzmann, Karsten (Bristol : Institute of Physics Publishing, 2017)
    The 10 m prototype facility at the Albert-Einstein-institute (AEI) in Hanover, Germany, employs three large seismic attenuation systems to reduce mechanical motion. The AEI seismic-attenuation-system (AEI-SAS) uses mechanical ...