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  • Buch, Anna; Müller, Oliver; Ivanova, Lyudmila; Döhner, Katinka; Bialy, Dagmara; Bosse, Jens B.; Pohlmann, Anja; Binz, Anne; Hegemann, Maike; Nagel, Claus-Henning; Koltzenburg, Martin; Viejo-Borbolla, Abel; Rosenhahn, Bodo; Bauerfeind, Rudolf; Sodeik, Beate (San Francisco, CA : Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2017)
    Upon reactivation from latency and during lytic infections in neurons, alphaherpesviruses assemble cytosolic capsids, capsids associated with enveloping membranes, and transport vesicles harboring fully enveloped capsids. ...