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  • Shabanloui, Akbar (2010-10-07)
    The geometrical point-wise Low Earth Orbiters (LEO) positions can be derived by Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) analysis techniques. The different precise point positioning techniques based on GNSS observations ...
  • Shabanloui, Akbar; Schall, Judith; Eicker, Annette; Kusche, Jürgen (Berlin : Springer, 2014)
    In this contribution, the in-house (processed) GOCE products including precise orbit and Earth’s gravity field are compared to the official ESA products. The comparison is drawn on orbit product as well as gravity field ...
  • Shabanloui, Akbar; Kusche, Jürgen (2011-03-29)
    The geometrical point-wise satellite positions can be derived by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) analysis techniques. Based on only geometrical high- low Satellite to Satellite Tracking (hl-SST) between GNSS ...
  • Krasbutter, Ina; Baur, Oliver; Brockmann, Jan-Martin; Cai, Jianqing; Eicker, Annette; Kargoll, Boris; Kusche, Jürgen; Mayer-Gürr, Torsten; Schall, Judith; Schuh, Wolf-Dieter; Shabanloui, Akbar; Sneeuw, Nico (2012-05-24)
    The Earth's gravity field is determined within the BMBF project REeal data AnaLysis GOCE (REALGOCE).