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  • Borchert, M.J.; Blessing, P.E.; Devlin, J.A.; Harrington, J.A.; Higuchi, T.; Morgner, J.; Smorra, C.; Wursten, E.; Bohman, M.; Wiesinger, M.; Mooser, A.; Blaum, K.; Matsuda, Y.; Ospelkaus, C.; Quint, W.; Walz, J.; Yamazaki, Y.; Ulmer, S. (College Park, MD : American Physical Society, 2019)
    We report on the first detailed study of motional heating in a cryogenic Penning trap using a single antiproton. Employing the continuous Stern-Gerlach effect we observe cyclotron quantum transition rates of 6(1) quanta/h ...