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  • Reydon, T.A.C.; Scholz, M. (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2014)
    Recently, Dollimore criticized our claim that Organizational Ecology is not a Darwinian research program. She argued that Organizational Ecology is merely an incomplete Darwinian program and provided a suggestion as to how ...
  • Scholz, Markus; Reydon, Thomas A.C. (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2010)
    In a recent article we argued that organizational ecology is not a Darwinian research program. John Lemos criticized our argumentation on various counts. Here we reply to some of Lemos's criticisms. © The Author(s) 2010.
  • Reydon, Thomas A.C.; Scholz, Markus (London : SAGE Publications Ltd., 2009)
    Organizational ecology is commonly seen as a Darwinian research program that seeks to explain the diversity of organizational structures, properties and behaviors as the product of selection in past social environments in ...