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  • Tinne, Nadine; Knoop, Gesche; Kallweit, Nicole; Veith, Sonja; Bleeker, Sebastian; Lubatschowski, Holger; Krüger, Alexander; Ripken, Tammo (Bellingham, WA : SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering, 2014)
    We present a time-resolved photographic analysis of the pulse-to-pulse interaction. In particular, we studied the influence of the cavitation bubble induced by a fs-pulse on the optical focusing of the consecutive pulse ...
  • Busch, Roger (Hannover : Universität, 2001)
    [no abstract]
  • Lehmann, E.; Grünzweig, C.; Jollet, S.; Kaiser, M.; Hansen, H.; Dinkelacker, Friedrich (Bristol : IOP Publishing Ltd., 2015)
    The injection process of diesel engines influences the pollutant emissions. The spray formation is significantly influenced by the internal flow of the injector. One of the key parameters here is the generation of cavitation ...