Auflistung Fakultät für Maschinenbau nach Autor/in "Lepper, Thomas"

Auflistung Fakultät für Maschinenbau nach Autor/in "Lepper, Thomas"

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  • Denkena, Berend; Bergmann, Benjamin; Lepper, Thomas (Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2017)
    For manufacturing of large parts made of lightweight materials like aluminum, fiber reinforced plastics or composites for example for the frame in aerospace or automotive industries more and more industrial robots are used. ...
  • Eckl, Martin; Lepper, Thomas; Denkena, Berend (Delaware : Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2016)
    Modern high speed printing machines are able to print up to 700 m/min. At this rate, little excita-tions lead to vibrations, which may lead to loss of contact between the rollers (bouncing). This bouncing results in white ...
  • Denkena, Berend; Lepper, Thomas (Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2015)
    This paper focuses on a cost-effective manufacturing of large frame parts for aerospace industries with an industrial robot. The main challenge is the low stiffness of a serial kinematic, resulting in positioning errors ...

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